Hrodna (Grodno, Gardinas). Temples XIX-XX cc.  

Orthodox Cathedral


Main Jewish Church

Kirha (Lutheranian Church).

Jewish Church-2

Orthodox Cathedral

The Great Lithuanian Principality was established around Navahradak Province that incorporated vast Belarusian and Lithuanian territories. The establishment of a principality around Navahradak (in Polish Nowogrodek, Grodno province) enabled the two nations to retain their independence and provide resistance to Mongol-Tatar raids and German expansionist claims. In 1569, the Great Lithuanian Principality and the Kingdom of Poland signed the Lublino Treaty to become a single confederal state-Rzeczpospolita. The Great Principality of Lithuania kept its own bodies of state administration, legislation, state language (Old Belarusan in Grand Duchy of Lithuania), financial system, and military. The supreme power in the Rzeczpospolita belonged to the Polish, Litvan & Ruthenian landlords. The alliance managed to survive for over two hundred years. As a result of the three partitions, Rzeczpospolita ceased to exist with Belarus territory going to Russia.

1143 years of Kreva-Belarus (862-2005 yy.)


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